/Fantasy /The Supreme Dragon Emperor

The Supreme Dragon Emperor

Author:Strapped Dragon
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Chapter 229: Lin Xiao the immortal(1)

Translator: Faye   Editor: WenYi

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The Suomo Sect's wonderland was located in the middle of nowhere, but Lin Xiao made his way there with no efforts at all.

A unique smell of mining lingered in the air, navigating Lin Xiao on his way to the wonderland, though the spiritual stones of the darkness had been left there untouched for long.

With the smell steering him, Lin Xiao arrived at the entry of the wonderland straightforward.

While standing in front of it, Lin Xiao spotted traces of a great tactical formation and went thrilled forthwith.

The traces had existed for thousands of years; one could trace them back to the founder of the Taixuan Sect.

The tactical formations created by him were mostly elusive.

If there hadn't been any destruction in place, they would have stayed intact as they used to be and no one could have figured it out accordingly.

Based on the traces of a warrior's trial and error on the tactical formation, Lin Xiao could tell he was a martial wonder riding the whirlwind thousands of years ago.

Though he was no comparison with Dizun, his martial capacity could still blow anyone away.

Otherwise, he wouldn't have got enough courage to address the puzzling tactical formation.

He, nevertheless, failed to make it and probably ended up ceased to be right there.

Thanks to his efforts, the great tactical formation puzzle had been increasingly fragmented. Someone forced it to open the other day.

Scrutinizing the traces carefully, Lin Xiao took a deep breath; he combined his spiritual energy with his strategies and made a prudent entrance into it.

He sensed a burst of air filled with darkness right after he entered it.

It was so overwhelming that even the warriors who had practiced the Fiendish Blockade Method wouldn't be able to take it.

That perfectly explained why the Suomo Sect rushed through their plan of invasion — they dared not enter their wonderland again for mining because of the sudden change.

In that case, they had no option but to prey on the Taixuan Sect.

Utterly unexpected, Lin Xiao’s appearance changed the course of the whole story.

The incident came as a reminder for Lin Xiao as well — he had to tread carefully from now on.

Though he was aware of his unusual type of physique, he would have to have wits about him all the time.

Once The Doctrines of Limbo came into play, his spiritual energy started flowing ceaselessly in his body. What a thrill it was!

Fortunately, Li Taixuan was not around. Otherwise, he would definitely have gone horror-struck again.

The Refining Divine Realm warriors only had elementary spiritual energies, as they were merely at the initial stage.

Lin Xiao, nevertheless, boasted brook-like spiritual energies, which was out of the question possible for warriors at the third level of the Refining Divine Realm warriors.

For him, however, it was pretty a commonplace thing; he even eyed further increase in his spiritual energy.

Comparisons are odious — he might be the only one who dared to think that away among all Refining Divine warriors.

No one else had any idea about how far he was with his spiritual energy growth; it was waving inside him with increasing momentum.

Upon his head, the element of the darkness already formed tangible material. It conjured up a burst of a dark tornado, inundating into his body relentlessly.

Only those who had a good command of the Fiendish Blockade Method dared to put a finger on the element of darkness.

Lin Xiao, nonetheless, went even further — he absorbed it with a frenzy.

The Fiendish Blockade Method learners, as a matter of fact, dared not go that far. Otherwise, there had been no point for them to invade the Taixuan Sect instead.

Right then, he consumed the element of the darkness the way he did the energies of the Heaven and the Earth. Again, something needed to be emphasized — his martial capacity only stood at the third level of the Refining Divine Realm.

A tinge of pleasure popped up in his countenance — he realized that the consumption of the element of the darkness was way more useful than the energies of the Heaven and the Earth.

He gave up on his plan to further explore the wonderland; he sat down, cross-legged, starting with his martial cultivation to fully digest the element of the darkness.

It soon concentrated on his crown, adding momentum to the tornado above.

Any warrior witnessing the spectacle would absolutely go scared to death, as Lin Xiao shared an astounding resemblance with the immortals.

Lin Xiao, however, was hardly satisfied with that.

The force transformed from the element of the darkness didn’t sink in his body after he activated The Doctrines of Limbo as well as the Refining Divine Pithy Formula.

It, instead, permeated his whole body, building up his every cell.

In so doing, the formidable force got substantially diluted.

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