/Fantasy /The Supreme Dragon Emperor

The Supreme Dragon Emperor

Author:Strapped Dragon
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Chapter 75: Immortals descend to the earth (1)

Translator: Faye   Editor: WenYi

Lin Xiao sensed something strange and swiftly came to realize what it was after a brief observation of his surroundings.

That came down to the suppression from the ultimate law!

This region had been under the robust repression by the legacy of Xuan Yu the Great Emperor’ invincible might all the time, hence never had a demonic monster here developed to a high martial level. It was likely that the dead wolf was the most accomplished demonic monster here, so it conjured up a mesmerizing shadow when it sensed anything unusual. It intended to take advantage of the shadow to get out of here.

However, despite the hindrance in the path of their martial cultivation, the demonic monsters in this area had built up their skin and flesh to an inconceivable amount. This was not attributable to their ever-growing energy alone, but also their long-term consumption of the spiritual flames. With the flames grilling them nonstop, their bodies got further reinforced, which explained why the demonic python’s tongue was stiff beyond imagination.

Even a python inhabiting the edge of the area had such solid physique, then it was imaginable the demonic wolf dwelling at the center was as hard as a diamond. But with that said, such a horrifying creature’s deadly attack only ended up a soft scratch on Lin Xiao’s skin, and at last, it even got beaten to death. In this case. Lin Xiao had already attained a powerful body impervious to anything but a spiritual treasure.

After putting away the wolf’s demonic core, he looked around in the immense underworld palace and decided to try his luck and see whatever else he could find here.

But hardly had he intended an entrance after he pushed open a door, when a signal of spookiness appeared, shaking the palace for a while, upsetting Lin’s qi and blood, and throwing him headlong. Lin Xiao landed with his blood squirting out.

He staggered for a few steps and managed to stand on his feet. He was astonished, as his surroundings had changed already changed—he was no longer in the underworld palace but right in front of nine stone tablets.

Dreadful startled, he felt a burst of chills down his spines and coldness spreading in his limbs. What in the world was there in that palace?

Albeit amazed, Lin Xiao still retained his sense of self-knowledge. He was aware that his subpar martial competence was yet sufficient to allow him to explore the muster of the palace.

The unusual changes of the underworld palace couldn’t work up Lin’s curiosity anymore. Dizun’s tacts remained elusive after 100,000 years.

Realising all these were Dizun’s brilliant devices, Lin Xiao couldn’t get around to self-pity. He thought, “ Now that I was transported here, I might as well leave and come back again until I am capable of it.”

Lin made up his mind and wanted to leave.

He was more than familiar with where he was situated, beside which there stood the landmark-like nine stone tablets.

He already made out the secret of the stone tablets. They not only sealed the underworld palace beneath but also contained a conveyor tunnel bridging the palace with the outer world. Reversion of the great martial formation could activate the tunnel.

Having had been there before, Lin Xiao’s reversion of the formation came off terribly well this time. He nailed his fingering techniques and let the characters inscribed in the stone tablets go back in place. But unlike the last time, the characters were placed in an reverse order this time.

With the end of Lin Xiao’s fingering performance, the sound “boom” went off, and the nine stone tablets were illuminated again with glaring rays darting out, which gathered and formed a fantastic spatial-temporal tunnel in the air.

Lin Xiao strode up along it.

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