/Modern /Supernatural Monetary System

Supernatural Monetary System

Author:Yiren Qianjun
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Chapter 93: Fish in Troubled Waters (1)

Translator: Wenyy   Editor: Lucy

30 minutes later, the BMW of extended version stopped in front of the villa. 

Yu Sheng and Shi Hu came to the Canghai villa cluster again after just a few days, but their status had greatly improved. 

The villa of the Li Family was not large, just 500-600 square meters, with a piece of lawn in front and a small garden in the rear.

They entered the villa. Lights made the gloomy room resplendent and magnificent.

A man in his 20s was walking back and forth at the lobby, and anxiously sighed from time to time. 

Sun Li reverently told the young man: “Childe, they’re here!”

“Let them come on in!” Li Taili exclaimed. 

“Yes, childe!” Sun Li answered with respect. 

Shi Hu checked around at the doorway to ensure security. 

“What’s wrong? Any ambush?” Yu Sheng asked with confusion.

Shi Hu shook his head. “Should be safe. 13 persons in the room: the steward, 11 old women and a young man, probably the employer, just an ordinary person.”

“…” Yu Sheng was in astonishment. “How can you tell?” 

“Smell!” Shi Hu said earnestly. “Men and women smell different; the strong and the weak smell different. Be cautious! That steward may abruptly attack you within two meters, and you can hardly escape.” 

“Smell?” Yu Sheng smelled his own armpit and Shi Hu’s. “Your body odor is tangier. Oh, no! Does tangier odor mean stronger body?”

“…” Shi Hu also smelled himself and found it seemed to true but then shook his head. “Not this odor.”

“Not this odor?” Yu Sheng was more confused.

Shi Hu scratched his head and sighed: “I’ll show you this simple technique.”

“Eh!” Yu Sheng was curious. The System could also sense danger, but charged 1 billion RMB per month for full-time guard, making him have to give it up due to the high price.

He wanted to see how Shi Hu did that, only to sense an ominous feeling bursting forth from his body. He felt being haunted by an evil spirit and falling into a dark hole. 

Yu Sheng was shocked to take steps backward. When stopped, he was already more than 10 meters away from Shi Hu. 

“What’s that? Great technique! But have you done anything?” Yu Sheng asked with puzzle while wiping away the sweat on his forehead.

“This is special smell. Use odor to stimulate others, just as using needle, and see their reaction. The weak can’t feel it, and the stronger have different reactions.” 

“Got it!” Yu Sheng nodded. 

Compared with Yu Sheng, Sun Li was much more threatened, and felt he was already dead while Shi Hu showed this technique to Yu Sheng. 

He breathed deeply and tidied his clothes, actually his mood, making sure there was no impoliteness, and then opened the door. “Please follow me. The childe is waiting for you.” 

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