/Fantasy /Banished Disciple’s Counterattack

Banished Disciple’s Counterattack

Author:Three Realms and Six Paths
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Chapter 4: A Fire Falling From the Heavens(2)

Translator: Huiting Teng   Editor: Lucy

With a dry throat, he opened his mouth, and stared at his elixir where earth-shattering changes occurred. “Is this…this elixir sea?”

There were five states for cultivators: Qi condensation, human core, true Yang, virtual spirit and empty night.

Ye Chen was astounded because the so-called elixir sea was one rank higher than elixir field. Only when cultivators reached the state of empty night, could they open up elixir sea. Beyond his expectation, the true fire not only restored his elixir field, but also opened up elixir sea for him.

Suddenly, the thin spiritual energy between the heavens and the earth waved.

Soon, the energy pooled around Ye Chen, formed a spiritual energy whirlpool revolving around him, poured into his body through all his acupoints and pores, and finally rushed into his elixir field.

With each pore stretching, Ye Chen’s body absorbed the spiritual energy between the heavens and the earth like a black hole.

Right now, the true fire became activated again. All the energy rushing into Ye’s field was refined by the fire and turned into golden true energy. Even the dry elixir sea was golden, with golden energy floating there.

“How could the fire refine true energy! ”

Ye Chen stared at his elixir sea with misty eyes, staggered, fell on the ground and fainted.

In the early morning, bright and warm sunshine shone through the window and cast on Ye Chen’s face.

He slowly opened his eyes and saw an innocent face with big eyes blinking in front of him.

“Big brother, you wake up.” The boy showed two rows of white teeth.

“Who are you?” Ye Chen suddenly sat up, looked at the boy and his surrounding and found himself in a strange place. “Where do I stay? Why am I here?”

The ingenuous boy answered with a honest smile, “My name is Hu Wa. Here is the little spiritual garden of Hengyue Sect. You fainted in the forest last night, my grandpa and I brought you home.”

“Heng…Hengyue Sect?” The answer held Ye Chen in trance.

The Great Chu Empire was ruled by one palace and three sects. Zhengyang, Qingyun and Hengyue Sects dominated the south, forming a situation of tripartite confrontation. Hengyue and Zhengyang Sects were rivals. Ye Chen never expected today he could come to Zhengyang’s antagonistic counterpart—Hengyue Sect after yesterday’s banishment.

“Are you hungry? I will fetch you something to eat.” Seeing Ye Chen absent-minded, Hu Wa ran outside.

Ye lost in thought on the bamboo bed. After a while, he became conscious and recalled his experience last night.

“Last night?” Experience of last night reminded Ye Chen to check his body in a hurry. The golden elixir sea looked like a new world, where the upper space was enveloped in white mists, with golden energy waves rolling downward.

“I am not dreaming. Everything is real.”

Ye Chen’s breath became rapid and shallow. After one night’s sleep, his broken elixir field not only healed, but also opened up an elixir sea, where the true energy turned to be more and more quintessential. Clenching his fists, Ye Chen regained the long-lost feeling of being a cultivator. His eye-sight and strength refined at this moment, and were even better than before.

All of these should be attributed to the golden flame.

Ye Chen thought of the true fire, and subconsciously looked at it suspending in his elixir sea. Its flames flickered just like a child leapt and shouted joyously.

“True fire, where are you from?”

Once Ye Chen triggered his thoughts, the flame appeared in his palm. The temperature in the room rose dramatically. He did not fear the flame any more, but felt close to it.

“You will follow me from today on.” With unspeakable happiness in his mind, Ye Chen smiled and touched the flickering flame.

“Big brother, come out for breakfast!”

“I am coming.” Ye Chen stored away the true fire and jumped out of bed.

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