/Fantasy /Banished Disciple’s Counterattack

Banished Disciple’s Counterattack

Author:Three Realms and Six Paths
© Noveluniverse

Chapter 226: Copy at One Sight (1)

Translator: Huiting Teng   Editor: Lucy

Ye Chen headed towards the Spirit Core Pavilion after leaving the Spirit Herbs Garden.

It was dawn, when lots of disciples from the outer school came out to absorb the spiritual energy between the heavens and earth.

His passing-by captured their focus. To their surprise, he recuperated from his serious injury over one day.

“He recovers so soon!” Whispers rose and fell.

“How did he practice? As far as I’m concerned, he was a cultivator at the first level of the Qi condensation stage upon his arrival at our sect! Within two months, he reaches the peak! How unimaginable!”

Ye Chen neglected those discussions and concentrated on the immortal wheel eye.

It lent him wondrous feelings, but was not that strong as Vacancy Jiang’s description. No other capabilities were discovered except penetrating gourmets.

“Because I am not from the Immortal Clan?” Ye Chen guessed.

Vacancy Jiang once told him that only members from the Immortal Clan were able to wake up the eye and exploit its power to its fullest extent, unaware of others’ capability of managing it. 

“Many of its functions conceal because of my identity? And it hasn’t got used to my body?” Deep in thought, he continued, “Or because of my low cultivation base? I’m unqualified to use it?”

The immortal wheel eye was a precious deposit, but he did not possess the key to it and needed to explore further. 

“I’ve known the fundamental function of the eye.” As he murmured, the scene that Chu Xuan was naked in his eyes came across his mind.

He immersed himself in her tender white skin and perfect figure.

“It’s not my fault. I did not know its ability at first.” Awkward, he found a formal reason for himself.

“Will my master pinch my throat to death if she knows that?”

“I’d better not use the immortal wheel eye.”


He stepped into the Spirit Core Pavilion, grumbling.

Xu Fu stood before the giant stove with a great deal of rare spirit herbs around.

“Sect elder Xu, are you refining cores?” Ye Chen slipped to him.

Xu Fu tugged at him, glanced at Qi Yue’s room, and whispered, “Boy, has your master told you?”

Ye Chen caught that he meant marrying Qi Yue.

Feigning ignorance, he swayed his head and flicked a curious look at Xu Fu, “I haven’t seen my master yet. What is she going to tell me?”

“What?” Puzzled, Xu Fu stroked his chin, “She has not informed him yet?”

“Sect elder, what core are you refining?” Ye Chen rubbed his hands and stared at Xu Fu with sparkling eyes, never allowing any chance to observe Xu Fu’s refinement to slip from his fingers.

“Xuan spirit core.” Xu Fu answered flatly and prepared the ingredients, “Qi Yue will enter the inner school in two days. These are for her.”

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