/Fantasy /Banished Disciple’s Counterattack

Banished Disciple’s Counterattack

Author:Three Realms and Six Paths
© Noveluniverse

Chapter 227: Copy at One Sight (2)

Translator: Huiting Teng   Editor: Lucy

Ye Chen heaved with a sigh!

“Why the two masters differentiate badly?” He had a headache when speaking of Chu Xuan. She did not give him spirit liquid, let alone cores, and pinched him on the ground to beat him.

Xu Fu began his refinement, summoned the earth fire under the stove, and plunged three spirit herbs into it.

As a well-known alchemist, he was adept at refining the two-patterned core, albeit its complicated procedures.

Ye Chen stood beside him and concentrated on each action, such as fire control and extraction.

A strange feeling struck him that the complex refinement was extremely simple.

Immediately, the wheel sign on the immortal eye reeled.

And every procedure of Xu Fu seemed to be engraved on the immortal wheel eye. The refinement went automatically in the eye and every spectacle reappeared, analyzed into easy and minute steps.

“The immortal wheel eye can copy the intricacy of alchemy?” Ye Chen stroked his left eye, presuming.

His guess made sense. The refinement was effortless from the view point of the immortal wheel eye. He even had the anticipation that he could refine the two-pattern core now.

Ye Chen closed his eyes silently and meditated. The eye repeated the entire refinement and even simplified each step. 

Fascinated, he had a good command of the refinement.

What’s more, he found surprisingly that there was another method to refine the core.

“So it is.” A mysterious smile unfolded at the corner of his mouth. “Is it one of the eye’s power? It can duplicate refinement process, derives the profoundness, and simplifies the complicacy.”


Xu Fu shouted and patted the stove.

A green core flew into his hand.

“A superior one.” He caressed his beard and gazed at the warm crystal core engulfed by green smoke, whose refreshing medicinal aroma rushed towards him.

Ye Chen opened his eyes and glimpsed at the core in Xu Fu’s hand, giggling, “Sect elder Xu, may I have a try?”

“You?” Xu Fu frowned and snapped back, “It’s hard for you to refine one-pattern cores, let alone the two-pattern ones!”

“I only know whether I succeed or not after I try.”

“Damn! Core refinement is unlike cultivation practice. You cannot be eager and must lay a solid foundation first. Though you’re talented, you need to progress gradually. Don’t be self-conceited!”

“Let me have a try! Only once!” Ye Chen blinked at Xu Fu, whose words were useless.

“Fine! Come and have a try!”Incensed, Xu Fu backed and sat down on a stone bench behind him with hands folded on chest, cursing,

“You don’t accept defeat until at the end of the rope!”

“Thank you, sect elder.” Ye Chen chuckled, paced to the front of the stove, and rolled his sleeves with Xu Fu’s approval.

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