/Fantasy /Banished Disciple’s Counterattack

Banished Disciple’s Counterattack

Author:Three Realms and Six Paths
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Chapter 231: A Big Challenge Awaiting (2)

Translator: Huiting Teng   Editor: Lucy

“The sect elders of the inner school arrange for this on purpose?” Ye Chen covered half of his face. In the competition of the outer school, he had encountered numerous outstanding disciples, and similarity occurred in the wilderness test. His misery in the forest was foreseen.  

He would be beaten hard to death by Kong Cao, Jiang Yang and Zuo Qiuming if blocked by them.

“The test in the wilderness examines teamwork. You just pray to be chosen by a strong team! If you are in a team with Xie Yun and Huo Teng, it will be easy for you to enter the inner school. Besides, the wilderness is vast, it’s not that simple for them to meet you.”

“Anyway, best of luck!” Qi Yue shrugged and left.  

“They are all awesome guys.” Ye Chen stood up, paced to the stove, and took out the spirit herbs picked from the Spirit Herbs Garden.

At once, the true fire was summoned and the herbs were flung into the stove.

He anticipated that more tough fights awaited him in the wilderness test in two days, therefore refuel cores to help him revitalize were necessities. More needed to be prepared.  

This time, his technique of refining the cores were adept thanks to the immortal wheel eye, and the speed was three times faster than before.  Not long after, dense and refreshing medicinal aroma filled the Spirit Cores Pavilion, and the superior cores sparkled like jewels.

Qi Yue in a snowy dress paced out to practice cultivation for the test, with a slender purple spirit sword in hand.


As the spirit sword buzzed, she immersed herself in the practice.

Ye Chen squinted at her over his refinement.   

With gentle steps and profound moves, she was centered by spiritual rosy clouds, like a fairy. And the spirit sword in her hand moved like virtual petals glaring and falling down. 

“Flower Sword Skill.” He murmured, recognizing the mystique.  

He activated the immortal wheel eye without being noticed. All of her moves and even the flowing direction when she brandished the sword were engraved on the eye.

The wheel reeled, penetrating the moves and sending the mysteriousness of the skill to Ye Chen.

“Senior martial sister Qi, I don’t learn your mystique sneakily, but to prove one thing.” He locked his eye on her, grumbling.

He was testing the eyes’ ability to duplicate and deduce. As it could disintegrate Xu Fu’s refinement, it surely was capable of disassembling the Xuan skills.

It proved that Ye Chen’s guess was right. The eye discovered the profoundness of Qi Yue’s mystique.

“How marvelous it is!” He grinned and withdrew his sight from her, snickering, “Thanks to the eye, I can master a great deal of mystiques in the future.”

Then he focused on refining the refuel cores.

When darkness descended, he collected the true fire and crumpled up on the ground; his soul energy was drained by the refinement; his head ached like being stabbed; his face was deathly-white.

But his efforts were rewarded: the refuel cores were enough for the wilderness test after one-day hard work.

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