/Fantasy /Banished Disciple’s Counterattack

Banished Disciple’s Counterattack

Author:Three Realms and Six Paths
© Noveluniverse

Chapter 2: The Banished Disciple(2)

Translator: Huiting Teng   Editor: Lucy

“Don’t leave!” Stepping in front of Ye Chen, Zhao Kang waved the folding fan gently and gazed at him tauntingly.

“Get out of my way.”

“Valueless as you are, you are so arrogant.” Zhao Kang’s smile dispersed suddenly. He flipped his fan shut, “Don’t you think you are still a cultivator?”

Zhao straddled and his scornful eyes settled on Ye Chen. “If you want to leave, you need to crawl between my legs! Maybe I can grant you several spirit stones as travelling expenses. ”

“Zhao Kang.” Ye Chen replied and looked up all of a sudden. A flicker of cold light flashed in his gloomy eyes.

“Senior brother Zhao, aren’t you…” A disciple among the crowd of onlookers mumbled and tried to fight injustice for Ye Chen. Because of his low cultivation base, however, he did not dare to challenge Zhao Kang.

“You wanna die?” Turing back and shouting, Zhao Kang glared at the disciple. Everybody seemed to fear Zhao’s power and shut up.

Zhao Kang caught a glimpse of Ye Chen and sneered after intimidating the onlookers, “Ye Chen, will you crawl or not? I…”

Her dress swayed, and gorgeous black hair hung and glimmered just like clear rivulet. The pretty face took people’s breath away. She looked like a fairy descending to the world without being contaminated by secularity.

“It is senior sister Ji Ningshuan/Frost Ji.” The eyes of the onlookers sparkled.

On particular, the male disciples’ naked adoration exposed and desirous fire burned in their eyes. Ji Ningshuang, the beautiful lady from the outer school of the Zhengyang Sect was admired.

“Ji Ningshuang.” Ye Chen’s husky voice could be barely heard. A mixture of emotions took hold of him, and he did not twist around.

“Junior sister Ji.” Zhao Kang opened the folding fan briskly and grinned, totally different from the former fierce-looking person.

“Fare well.” The simple sentence was uttered in a heavenly voice. But her cold tone unveiled.

“Why do you bear such a look? Pity?” Ye Chen bent down to pick up his backpack on the ground, refusing to glance at Ji Ningshuang anymore. Her gruff partings broke Ye Chen’s heart. 

“I’m leaving!” Ye Chen patted the dirt off his pack, turned around slowly and shuffled. Moonlight cast a lonely and slender shadow.

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