/Xianxia /The Secret of the Seal

The Secret of the Seal

Author:Dancer Flies in Excitement
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Chapter 231: The First Young Lady of Clan Chu (1)

Translator: Huiting Teng   Editor: Lucy

“I suppose we can get our rooms now?” Qin Dong cast a look at the duty manager, whose face was dotted with sweat in a blink.

“Of…of course!”

“Listen! I want the best rooms of this hotel!” Qin Dong looked serious. It was hard to say what he would do if the manager did not approve.

“The…best…?” Astounded, the manager turned to Chu Tiehan.

Apparently, Qin Dong did this on purpose. Chu Tiehan replied in a deep voice, holding back his anger, “I’m afraid that your requirement cannot be met. The best rooms have been booked!”

Qin Dong frowned and responded hideously, killing intent skimming across his face, “It seems that you haven’t learned enough lessons.”

“You…” Helpless, Chu Tiehan was out of breath, oppressed by Qin Dong’s power and hatred etched across his face.

He used to swagger around in Liuyun and was never bullied. However, the joy in the eyes of the prince was beyond description.

“Give me the best rooms or not? My patience runs out!” As Qin Dong waved his hand, the manager flew out and hit on the floor in a dull thud.

The manager moaned and winked at Chu Tiehan for help. Chu Tiehan was willing to help but unable to do so.

“Fine. As you wish, give you the best rooms.” Chu Tiehan compromised.

“What if I cannot afford?” Qin Dong asked gruffly.

Chu Tiehan gritted teeth, “Free of charge!”

“Ha…ha…ha…” Qin Dong laughed loudly, “Jinxia people are cowards! Ha…ha…”

He turned to Siti Qi, who was gaping at him, “Let’s go. I’m tired and need a rest!”

She hastened to follow Qin Dong to the best room at the top of the hotel, led by a waiter.

Chu Tiehan struggled to steady himself but crumpled up on the floor in fright at once. The clash between Qin Dong and him did not last long, but he reckoned it life-long in Qin Dong’s repression.

The manager crawled to Chu Tiehan, asking in a pathetic tone, “Mr. Chu, what shall we do now?”

After deliberation, Chu Tiehan replied with chill looks, “The boy is not that simple. We cannot deal with him. It’s doesn’t matter. When Miss Chu comes, she will teach him a lesson!”

Chu Tiehan glared at the prince, bellowing, “What are you waiting for? Give me one million now!”

The prince sighed speechlessly, fished out a check from the front of his chest and presented it to Chu Tiehan, who smiled at his sight of the money.

“Mr. Chu, the first young lady’s fleet of cars arrives!” One subordinate of Chu Tiehan rushed into the hotel from outside.

“Arrives? Hurry up! We go to welcome her!” Chu Tiehan led a group of people to the outside in spite of his injuries.

As an uncle of a collateral branch from Clan Chu, Chu Tiehan did not enjoy a high status, not the same as he did in Liuyun. His social status was owed to his last name. Therefore, he did not dare to neglect Chu Shanqi, the first young lady.

A long fleet of limos pulled up slowly out of the hotel gate. As the car doors opened one by one, a number of man in suit got off from the cars.

To Chu Tiehan’s astonishment, all the men, celebrities in Clan Chu or Jinxia symbolizing a third of power from Clan Chu, were not new to him.

The notice said that Chu Shanqi came to Liuyun for inspect, however, the spectacle implied that the tour appeared to be not merely for an inspect.

The door of the limo at the head of the fleet opened slowly while other visitors got out of their cars, and Chu Shanqi dressed up walked out of it.

She deserved the reputation as the top first beauty of Jinxia; her pretty face and perfect figure were breath-taking; her elegance would drive men all over the world crazy.

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