/Xianxia /The Secret of the Seal

The Secret of the Seal

Author:Dancer Flies in Excitement
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Chapter 75: Blame or Ally (1)

Translator: Huiting Teng   Editor: Lucy

At the Headquarter of the Flying Dragon School:

Li Yunteng twiddled the Tianyuan core given by Qin Dong and smelled it sometimes, whose medicine aroma always refreshed him.

“How valuable it is!” He looked the core up and down and his praise never ceased.

Next to him stood Mingchuan, smiling, “Master, with the help of the Tianyuan core, you can easily make a breakthrough while reaching the bottle neck of the primary level of the Houtian stage. Jin Huanqi won’t dare to run wild in front of you and his Ghost Party’ll be conquered by us!”

Waving hands, Li Yunteng shouted, “No! I’ll take the core until I reach the breakthrough of the peak of the Houtian stage. Once I enter the Xiantian stage, the Flying Dragon School won’t fear anyone. What a delight!”

Mingchuan nodded, “Master is far-sighted. How admirable!”

Li Yunteng frowned and asked, “Mingchuan, the boy is really the second young master of Clan Qin?”

Upset, Mingchuan whispered, “I suppose he is. If not, how could he have the invaluable Tianyuan core?”

Li Yunteng shook his head slowly, “Don’t speak highly of Clan Qin. It may not have the core. If Clan Qin can refine the Tianyuan core, it’ll be brimming with master hands. How can it be cornered by Clan Gu?”

Puzzled, Mingchuan asked Li Yunteng, “Master, what’s your opinion about the boy’s origin?”

Li Yunteng glanced at Mingchuan, “I don’t know. But Mr. Tong must know. He didn’t want to tell me. Mr. Tong carefully concealed the secret. I’m afraid that the boy comes from a stronger background than we imagine. We just need to follow Mr. Tong’s words and don’t piss off the boy.”

“Master, the master of Clan Qin comes to meet you!” Zhou Kai walked from outside and looked perturbed.

“Who?” Astonished, Li Yunteng thought he misheard, staring at Zhou Kai in aghast.

Zhou Kai swallowed a mouthful of slaver and replied, “Mr. Qin Zongheng, the master of Clan Qin comes to meet you.”

Frowning, Li Yunteng bounced up from his chair as if shocked by electricity and grumbled, “Why he comes? Clan Qin looks down upon us actually although it doesn’t behave so on the surface. We seldom contact Clan Qin. I can’t figure out why Qin Zongheng comes to me by himself.”

When Zhou Kai listened to Li Yunteng’s remarks, his face darkened. He wanted to explain but did not dare to.

Li Yunteng bellowed with a sullen face when he noticed Zhou Kai’s facial expression, “Zhou Kai, what happened? Tell me!”

Shivering, Zhou Kai knelt down on one knee and kept saying, “I deserve death! I deserve death!”

Li Yunteng skimmed in front of Zhou Kai and pulled him up, reproaching, “What did you do? Qin Zongheng comes to me himself!”

No matter how bold Zhou Kai was, he did not dare to conceal the reality and narrated what happened last night intermittently.

Zhou Kai’s recount enraged Li Yunteng, who trembled, cold sweat concentrating on his forehead, “Zhou Kai, how dare you…you are!” He smacked Zhou Kai’s face, whose mouth corner cracked and bled.

“Yexue knows nothing about the severity. So do you? I need to respect Clan Qin, which you trespassed with Yexue at midnight. Who are you? A master at the peak of the Xiantian stage? You corner the Flying Dragon School to death!”

Last night a turnaround emerged when Qin Dong showed up. Qin Zongheng treated Li Yexue and him politely. Unexpectedly, Qin Zongheng came to the Flying Dragon School today. Lowering his head, Zhou Kai was speechless and waited for Li Yunteng’s punishment.

“Qin Zongheng comes to blame me. Tell me what I should do?” Li Yunteng cound not squash his anger, asked resentfully.

Zhou Kai looked up and responded in a deep voice, “Master, I’m a man. I’ll undertake all the responsibilities. No matter what Qin Zongheng will do with me, I’ll not incriminate the Flying Dragon School!”

Zhou Kai’s answer soothed Li Yunteng’s rage. He nodded, “That’s what the member of the Flying Dragon School should do! Although you took liberties to trespass Clan Qin with Yexue, you’re my subordinate. Don’t worry, I’ll try my best to protect you. But if I fail, I can’t involve other buddies into the incident because of you. Are you clear?”

Zhou Kai nodded forcefully, resolution unfolding on his face, “I’m clear!”

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