/Xianxia /Cultivation---Stand above the Heaven

Cultivation---Stand above the Heaven

Author:Feiwu Jiyang
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Chapter 75: Stunned across the board (1)

Translator: Faye   Editor: WenYi

Chapter 75  All Surprised (1)


What is the sword of the new school today? Although Wu Qiujun guessed that Wan Dong might have deliberately said this to him, he couldn't help but smoke seven cigarettes. A pair of fists tightened and his nails were stabbed into the flesh.


"Yao Ting..." Xu Wenchuan really worried. As far as he knows, Xu Yaoting did not practice any swordsmanship at all. Now he has to use swords to deal with Wu Qiujun. In Xu Wenchuan's view, the composition of the noise is very large.


But before Xu Wenchuan finished speaking, Wan Dong had taken the sword from Tang Xinyi's hand. Jianfeng was crossing the chest, and the Jianjianer pointed to the throat of Wu Qiujun. The movement was calm and free, but it was not solemn. This kind of ordinary general-handed style is actually to let Xu Wenchuan such a master can not help but shine.


However, Tang Xinyi, at this time, is a trepidation of heart, Wandong's move to start, how can she look so familiar?


Just as Tang Xinyi was wondering, Wan Dong suddenly turned his head and smiled at her. "Tang Shantou, I saw that you practiced a few swords in the morning. It is really disappointing. With your swordsmanship, you want to protect this young master. I can't be reassured. Now I have a few tricks to show you, I hope you can grow some."


"Ha! You... what do you say?" Tang Xinyi was almost too angry to go back, and his heart secretly said, "I am not happy with Tang Xinyi. It is also the realm of trivial peaks. What is your skill in Xu Yaoting? Strong and strong, dare to teach me?"


Ignore Tang Xinyi’s almost distorted face, Wan Donghehe smiled, and rushed to Wuqiu Jundao. “Hey the old thief, are you ready, this young master is going to make a move!”


"You are not afraid of death!" Wu Qiujun naturally will not put Wandong in his eyes, his hands squatting, his face is dangerous, only when Wandong rushes up, he will kill Wandong like an ant.


So far, Xu Wenchuan and Wu Daozi are unable to stop it. The two of them are moving forward a few steps forward. It’s already full of enthusiasm. If you find that Wandong’s situation is not good, you will be the first to shoot, just to save. Wan Dong’s life.


Wan Dong didn't know how nervous Xu Wenchuan and Wu Daozi were at this time. A pair of tigers stared at Wu Qiujun, as if Wu Qijun had disappeared from his eyes.


At the same time, Wan Dong’s look was solemn and solemn, and his body’s momentum continued to rise, as if he had changed himself.


"This... this guy seems to have a little bit of skill." Tang Xinyi frowned, his face was amazed.


Wu Daozi and Xu Wenchuan are also the same, and they are quite surprised by the momentum that Wan Dong showed at this time.


"Kill!" A drink, like a thunder on the ground, suddenly burst out from the hands of Wan Dong, I saw a long sword in the hands of Wan Dong, in this moment, as if to live, the sword is extremely distorted Smart, crossed the air, brought out a singer of the singer, as if a silver streamer, the sly will come to the front of Wu Qiujun.


"Fast swords!" Wan Dong's shot, at the same time shocked everyone present.


Especially Xu Wenchuan, shouted excitedly. This sword is not only very fast, but also deep in kendo. In particular, the kind of momentum that has been revealed in the sword front, if this is not a deep understanding of the kendo, it can never be done.

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